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Different Spokes
San Francisco
P.O. Box 14711
San Francisco, CA 94114

Hosted by 1&1

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About Our Rides

We try to have rides for all levels, from beginners to hard core racers and tourists. These range from a noodle ride through the Presidio or Golden Gate Park to a 100-mile ride around beautiful Marin County. Or it could be an easy mountain bike ride in the Marin Headlands to something more challenging over Mount Tamalpais.

Most Different Spokes rides are on weekends, especially during the winter months. With Daylight Savings Time in the spring and summer we often offer rides during the week after work, perhaps going from the Ferry Building out to Golden Gate Bridge or around Golden Gate Park and socializing at dinner afterward.

Some of our rides originate at McLaren Lodge in Golden Gate Park. However, it is not uncommon for a ride to start somewhere along the BART lines, making it easy for those who do not have a car. Other rides might be in such places as the Napa Valley for a wine tour or down the peninsula. Do not be discouraged from coming on a ride out of town simply because you do not have a car. Call the ride leader and find out about carpooling; it almost always works.

Those who are new to cycling are sometimes intimidated by our ride listings. Read the ride description carefully and note the pace and terrain. Please always call the ride leader so you may get a better understanding of what a particular ride entails. This is not to discourage you, but rather to be realistic so that you do not get left behind.

If you do not find rides which are of your level, please contact the club President, Ride Coordinator, or Outreach people and let them know. Your input is greatly needed and we want to have more rides for beginners or those who like to smell the flowers. Those who lead the most rides tend to be riders who want to go farther and faster. BUT ANYONE CAN LEAD A RIDE and so can you! We have maps, easy guidelines to follow, etc. It's a cinch and it's fun and YOU are in charge! So contact our Ride Coordinator for more information.

How to add a ride:

Members can add a ride to the calendar using the add-ride form on the web site.
Here is a detailed tutorial on how to use the form.

For those who are really new to cycling or who are put off about riding in traffic, but who would like to gain some riding skills and more confidence, feel free to contact David for assistance.

During the year the club has some outstanding weekend outings. Check our Club Events Page and think about joining us at the Great Western Bicycle Rally in Paso Robles over the Memorial Day weekend; our July/August weekend at the Russian River; the Lake Tahoe weekend in September. All feature fabulous bicycle rides, again for all levels.


Ride Waiver (PDF document):


  1. Be Predictable - This may be the most important rule (even for solo riding) and it involves every aspect of riding from changing positions in the group to following the traffic rules. That means staying in the correct lane, stopping together, and starting together as traffic allows. It goes without saying that if we demand the right to ride on the road, then we must be willing to ride responsibly...especially as a group.
  2. Don't Overlap Wheels - This is a good way to test your ability to do cartwheels if you don't adhere to this rule. There is no recovery from a front wheel deflection.
  3. Be Steady - This includes speed and line. If the person behind you fails to adhere to #2, you will contribute to a crash if you wallow around all over the road. When everyone is working for the group, maintain a steady speed as you go to the front.
  4. Announce Hazards - When you are in the lead, you are responsible for the safety of everyone behind you. When you are following, announce oncoming traffic from the rear.
  5. Signal - Signaling lets everyone (vehicles and riders) know your intentions.
  6. Stay Off Aero Bars - They are much too unstable to be used in a group ride. Plus, you don't need to be on aero bars if you are in a pack as you will receive more aerodynamic effect from the other riders anyway.
  7. Change Positions Correctly - A common beginner faux pas is to stop pedaling just before pulling off the front. This creates an accordion effect toward the rear. Keep a steady pressure on the pedals until you have cleared the front.
  8. Have Fun! - This is an important one, riding in a group should be fun!

DO'S AND DONT'S (what to bring and not to bring each week)


  • Your Helmet (this is mandatory!)
  • A couple of water bottles
  • A little cash
  • An ID
  • A cell phone with saved ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact programmed into it
  • A patch kit & extra bike tube
  • A friend! (You don't actually have to do this, but we always love to have new people join our group rides)


  • Your iPod or any devices that would distract you. This is for the safety of yourself and the ride group.