The easiest way to start adding a ride, is to go to the calendar of the month where you want to add the ride and click on the "+" sign at the right of the date (signaled by a red arrow in the example below, corresponding to the date of September 17th):

You then are presented with a form where you will be able to fill all the details of your ride. The first detail information about you, the ride leader. In the phone, the format is free, so you can specify if it is a cell phone, for instance.

In the title try to find a title that is both descriptive and attractive while staying short.

The next three fields are pretty straightforward. If you don't know the distance, it's better to err on the longer side. Nobody will really hates you if the ride turned out shorter.

If you came to the form from the calendar by clicking on the "+" sign, the date will already be set, as shown below, with no way to change it. You just have to set up the start time.

It it is a winter ride and you may cancle if the weather is bad, tell us here.

If you came to the form directly from the ../calendar/add-ride.php page, you ll be shown a small clendar with the date of this month adn next month. Just select one. Here we selected the very same date, September 17th, as shown with the red arrow.

Put the ride description here. Telle us a ltitle about the route, and about why this ride will be fun (or brutally abusive). Make us really want to come out and ride. Let us knowany special information or warnings about this ride.
Tell us also if the RSVP is required, and if there are any other ride leaders, or seep.

Ride start location: Tell us where to meet. An address may be helpful, if possible. If necessary, put directions to the ride start here.

Then just click the button. Don't worry, the next screen will leave you a chance to get back.

The next screen will show your ride exactly as it will appear in the calendar. It's time to review it and make some changes if necessary. To do that, just use the 'Back' button of your browser. The previous form will appear exactly as you left it.
Otherwise if everything is correct, just click on the 'Confirm' button (shown with the red arrow.