Book Club

Ray Bradbury’s Sun and Shadow Shines a Light on Photographic Cultural Appropriation

2560 1440 James Tocchio

Ray Bradbury’s Sun and Shadow is a beautiful short story that examines photographic cultural appropriation. Synopsis and thoughts in today’s article.

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Shooting Film : Everything You Need to Know About Analogue Photography – Book Review

2200 1237 James Tocchio

James reviews the new book Shooting Film : Everything You Need to Know About Analogue Photography by Ben Hawkins and Lisa Kanaever-Hunsicker.

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Perspectives on Place by JAP Alexander – Landscape Photography but Not as We Know It

1920 1080 Sroyon Mukherjee

Sroyon reviews Perspectives on Place, a book on landscape photography by JAP Alexander. Click through, read more.

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Life Lessons from Stephen Shore’s Early Work

2000 1330 Alex Sinclair

Alex compares two of Stephen Shore’s photography collections, and examines the effect of the differing methodology employed in each.

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Book Club – Seeing Clearly Through the Haze of Time – Yasuhiro Ogawa’s The Dreaming

2000 1125 Alex Sinclair

Digital is truth and film is memory. For me, this is a simple way to describe the visuals of most photography I encounter. Digital images are crisp and fine. The images produced by digital cameras…

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This Technical Reference Manual on Film Cameras is Beautiful – CP Book Club

2200 1237 James Tocchio

Vetro Editions specializes in what they call “paper-made-cultural-artefacts.” What this means is they make really pretty books. Their latest book is no exception, and it’s an absolute treat for anyone whose interests land at the…

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James Lager’s Leica An Illustrated History is the Book Every Leica Fan Needs to Own

2000 1125 James Tocchio

There are lots of books covering the famous red dot from Germany, and most Leica fans are dedicated enough that their shelves hold more than a few of these, but there’s just one set that…

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Annie Leibovitz Looks Inward for Pilgrimage – CP Book Club

2000 1125 Jeb Inge

Annie Leibovitz is the most recognizable name in modern photography. Not only does the average person recognize her name, but most know her work; the Yoko Ono and John Lennon photo taken right before his…

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Five Books Every Photo Geek Should Own

1280 720 Josh Solomon

Documentarian and filmmaker Werner Herzog once said, “If you don’t read, you will never be a filmmaker.” The same is true for any aspiring creator, whether we’re making movies, music, or photographs. The knowledge gleaned…

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CP Book Club – Leica : The First Fifty Years by G. Rogliatti

1280 720 James Tocchio

There are few pleasures as easy to attain as the simple act of sitting and relaxing for a few moments with a good book. And for those of us who are into photography there is…

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