Five Favorite Photos

Five Favorite Photos – Imogen Cunningham’s After Ninety

2000 1125 Juliet Schwab

Juiet shares five favorite photos from Imogen Cunningham’s After Ninety, an unflinching photographic exploration of old age.

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The American Northwest through Mary Randlett’s Lens

2000 1125 Juliet Schwab

Our newest writer Juliet chooses and discusses her five favorite photos by Mary Randlett, who captured the mood of the American northwest.

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Five Masters of Light from Japan’s Shōwa Era

1440 986 Eric Charles Jones

The Japanese Shōwa period, coinciding with the reign of Emperor Hirohito from 1926 to 1989, is noted as one of Japan’s most tumultuous and transformative eras. Over these many decades Japan went from a militaristic…

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Four Lessons Learned Through the Photography of Jazz Bassist Milt Hinton

988 1240 Josh Solomon

Josh, Casual Photophile’s resident photo nerd and pro musician, explores the personally inspirational work of jazz bassist and photographer Milt Hinton.

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Five Favorite Photos – Robert Frank

1103 860 Josh Solomon

Josh picks five favorite photos from legendary photographer Robert Frank.

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“Everything starts with light” – An Oral History of Ara Güler

939 623 Drew Chambers

Ara Güler’s first published interview incited a riot. He’d taken his Graflex Speed Graphic, paired with a flash, to the Kumkapi ports of Istanbul under cover of the morning’s darkest early hours. On the waters…

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Five Favorite Photos – Mathew Brady & Co. Shoot the Civil War

1500 2000 Jeb Inge

Whenever the term “war photographer” is mentioned, it’s impossible not to think of the indelible images of World War Two, the Spanish Civil War and the war in Vietnam. But if you want to find…

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Five Favorite Photos – Elliot Erwitt

4984 3320 Josh Solomon

It’s hard to really pay attention these days. The times we live in are loud, distracting, and complicated, and I continually find myself trying to find new ways to refocus and keep things simple. It follows…

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Five Favorite Photos – Willy Ronis

700 613 Josh Solomon

When describing photojournalism, the words “joyful” and “lovely” don’t often come to mind. Most photojournalistic fare depicts human suffering, and the images are often more provocative than they are beautiful. Even the more poetic works…

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Five Favorite Photos – Martin Munkácsi

800 533 Chris Cushing

The idea of capturing the decisive moment is often attributed to Henri Cartier-Bresson, the pioneering photographer who pushed street photography into the public consciousness and made the 35mm film format a respected medium for true…

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Five Favorite Photos – W. Eugene Smith, Master of the Photo Essay

700 484 Josh Solomon

To pick only five photos from any distinguished photographer’s catalog is difficult most days. Today, in particular, it’s outright impossible. That’s because today’s subject is none other than the master of the photo essay, W.…

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Five Favorite Photos – Street Photography Master, Fan Ho

1643 1147 James Tocchio

For me, street photography is at its best when the image is thoughtful and composed. I’m not a fan of the run-and-gun style of many modern, Instagram-famous street photographers. Shots like theirs often leave me…

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Five Favorite Photos – German Photographers Edition

2362 3065 Jeb Inge

Wickham Steed once said that the Germans “dive deeper but come up muddier.” A stereotype, but born out in many facets of life, including their photography. Whether it’s the provocative eroticism of Helmut Newton or…

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Five Favorite Photos – Robert Doisneau and the Comedic Potential of Cellos

929 1216 Chris Cushing

Humor is a challenging thing to capture in words. How many times have you picked up a book, been promised a laugh by the reviews on the back cover, and been left with nothing more…

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