The New Film Camera from Pentax is a Half Frame Compact – Details!

1002 561 James Tocchio

New details on the Pentax Film Project’s first new camera – a half frame compact for beginners and young people.

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First Look at the MiNT Rollei 35AF Compact Film Camera

1091 560 James Tocchio

MiNT Camera has just announced that their new 35mm film camera will be called the Rollei 35AF, and that it will be released in Summer 2024. In addition, MiNT has released the first public images…

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NEWS: Harman Unveils Phoenix 200, a Brand New Color Film

2200 1238 James Tocchio

A three-minute read containing everything you need to know about the launch of Harman’s brand new color film, Phoenix 200.

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An Interview with the Creators of Not Your Grandma’s Camera Club

1280 854 Sarah Rizzo

I went to my first-ever photography meet-up this year at Polacon NYC. As a girl from a small town, I’d never seen so many film cameras in one room. It was photo-nerd mecca. Everyone I…

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Lomography Announces Big Price Cuts on Medium Format Film!

2200 1238 James Tocchio

Lomography has just announced massive price cuts on their medium format film. Here are all the juicy details.

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Polaroid Releases the I-2, Their Most Advanced Instant Camera in Decades

1989 864 James Tocchio

Polaroid announces their newest and most capable instant film camera, the Polaroid I-2!

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WonderPan 400 – Analogue Wonderland’s New Film

2000 1333 Jim Graves

Jim Graves previews Analogue Wonderlands new branded film, WonderPan 400, a black and white film meant to be pushed!

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Opinion – What is going on with Ferrania’s new film Orto? 

2000 993 Rich Stroffolino

In an age when every price increase or film cancellation sparks fear that our beloved medium, film, is going away, I should be nothing but elated whenever a film company announces a new film stock.…

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What’s That Camera in Wes Anderson’s Latest Film, Asteroid City?

1961 883 Rich Stroffolino

It’s time for our favorite game. Identify that camera! This time we’re examining the props seen in the trailer for the latest Wes Anderson film, Asteroid City.

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Pentax Unveils Plans to Build a New Range of Film Cameras

1888 1007 James Tocchio

Pentax unveils plans to release a whole range of new film cameras! Details here!

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A Thank You Note, and Happy Holidays

1386 780 James Tocchio

Ray Bradbury, my literary hero, famously posted a sign above his typewriter that read “Don’t Think.” The idea, as he related it, is that a writer should write not with his or her head, but…

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MiNT Camera Plans to Make a New Premium Compact 35mm Film Camera

794 600 James Tocchio

I got an interesting email the other day. Seems that MiNT Camera wants to make a new premium 35mm film compact. And they just might do it.

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What Is Polaroid Up To?

2000 1125 James Tocchio

Polaroid is poised to announce something new (not a camera, they say) on September 21st. What could it be?

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A New Color Film, Santacolor 100, Now Crowdfunding on IndieGoGo

2560 1440 Connor Brustofski

In the era of ever-dwindling color film options, it’s nice to see new options emerging. Here’s one, Santacolor, a new film now crowdfunding.

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